General Liability Insurance

Protection from third-party claims

If your company is visited by clients, members of the public, contractors, or, members of your team work regularly offsite – then you should consider general liability insurance.

General liability insurance protects your business from third party claims such as:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage and data loss
  • Personal injury

General liability can also protect your business from miscellaneous liabilities such as copyright violations.  However, general liability insurance will not cover you against claims of negligence.

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General Liability Insurance

Why Do I Need Commercial Liability Insurance?

Let ITR help you determine what coverage is best for you

General liability insurance helps cover unexpected costs that could incur from third party claims. Coverage generally includes:

  • Defense or invention costs from a suit or claim against you, including court costs, witness fees, attorney’s fees, and police report costs
  • Reasonable expenses such as, income lost while spending a day in court
  • Judgments or settlements resulting from covered suits

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