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Our objective is to facilitate non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers

As national leaders in transportation insurance, we provide comprehensive insurance needs and professional advice on appropriate insurance coverage’s at the most reasonable rates.

Mr. Baumann, the president and owner of ITR, has been an agent/broker in the insurance industry for forty-three years–specializing in the transportation insurance industry since 1972.

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The National Leader in Transportation Insurance

We offer the best insurance rates, coverages and programs

Mr. Baumann recognized the need for Transportation Providers (TPs) to access the best coverage at the best rates, while also ensuring the adequacy of their coverage. Premiums in the industry were extremely high as many insurance carriers were not familiar with this emerging industry.

Moreover, many insurance companies were unwilling to insure transportation providers due to the risk potential and skepticism regarding their training.  He researched the insurance marketplace for solutions and identified the companies with the best premiums and introduced a program providing reasonable rates.

ITR continues to research the marketplace for the best insurance rates, coverage’s and programs.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Commercial Insurance at its Finest

Offering the most reasonable rates and assuring the most adequacy of coverage

Our on-going research of the marketplace has identified the companies with the best premiums for the unique coverage the industry is requiring.